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Barbed Wire Fence
Barbed Wire Machine
Razor Barbed Wire Machine
According to patterns,
barbed wire is classified to:
Single Twist Barbed Wire
Double Twist Barbed Wire
Traditional Twist Barbed Wire
Razor Type Barbed Wire
Variety of Materials:
Galvanized Barbed Wire
PVC Coated Barbed Wire
Other Fencing Products:
Concertina Wire
Wire Mesh Fences
Welded Wire Fence
Chain Link Fence
Hexagonal Wire Netting
Galvanized Wire
Pvc Coated Wire
Expanded metal
Plastic netting
Perforated metal
Mobile fencing
Reinforcing steel bar
Fence post
Razor wire
Ampli mesh
expanded mesh
tie wire
Barbed Wire Zinc Coated and Plastic Coated  

Choose between our complete varieties of barbed wire fencing products, whether you need traditional barbed wire or you want to import sharper razor wire mesh or concertina coils, check out the links listed on the left.

Sharpline Barbed Wire Fencing Co. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of barbed wire fences products in China. A worldwide company specializes in the development, manufacture and wholesaling of wire fencing products for defense and security applications.

Products of the company can be divided into three series: Barbed Wire, Concertina Wire and Mesh Fences.
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Sharpline Barbed Wire Fencing Co.
Whether the barbed wire is galvanized or plastic coated, we can both provide with good quality. Various sizes of barb, blade (for razor type), packing are available.
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Sharpline Barbed Wire Fencing Co.

The most security way for fencing is to install concertina coils along the top the wire mesh fences. Can be designed in straight line or crossed concertina.

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